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11 — Circos Reference

3. Command Line Parameters

using command-line flags

Circos is driven by a configuration file, but accepts several command-line flags that change how it runs (e.g. format and location of output files).

# no flags - Circos guesses location if configuration file
> circos

# specific configuration file
> circos -conf etc/circos-fig1.conf

# additional debugging
> circos -debug 

# additional debugging, by group
> circos -debug_group io,chrfilter

# brief usage
> circos -h

# man page
> circos -man

# version check
> circos -v

# module diagnostics
> circos -modules

# run and shut up
> circos -silent

Configuration flags can be shortened, as long as the shortened version is unambigous.

> circos -cdump image
> circos -cdum image
> circos -cdu image
> circos -cd image
# -c is not ok because it is 
> circos -c image
Option c is ambiguous (cdump, chromosomes, chromosomes_display_default, chromosomes_order, 
chromosomes_radius, chromosomes_scale, color_cache_rebuild, color_cache_static, configfile)

The -param flag allows you to conveniently change the value of any configuration parameter.

# change image size
> circos -param image/radius=2000p
# do not draw ideograms
> circos -param ideogram/show=no
# draw only two chromosomes
> circos -param chromosomes_display_default=no -param chromosomes=hs1;hs2

Circos command-line flags



-conf FILE
Name of configuration file.
DEFAULT circos.conf
Circos will attempt to guess the location of this file, searching in ., .. and ../... In other words
> circos
is equivalent to
> circos -conf etc/circos.conf.
> circos -debug_group +io
to include debug information about where files are being searched.

Sets the value of parameter PARAM in configuration path PATH to VALUE. You can use multiple -param flags. The PATH must point to a unique block. The flag can be used multiple times.
e.g. -param chromosomes=hs1
e.g. -param ideogram/show=no
e.g. -param ideogram/spacing/default=0.01r
e.g. -param a=10 -param b=20 -param c=30
This is useful for temporary override a configuration parameter, such as in a batch job were you are running Circos several times with different parameters. Within the configuration parameter, value of parameters can be referenced using conf().

-cdump [BLOCK1/[BLOCK2/...]][:REGEX]
Report a dump of the configuration. If BLOCK is specified, only show that block. To show nested blocks, specify a block path delimited by /. To limit the output to parameters that match a regular expression, include :REGEX
e.g. -cdump image
e.g. -cdump ideogram/spacing
e.g. -cdump ideogram/spacing:def



Display usage synopsis.

Show man page.

Print the version.



Obtain additional debugging.

-debug_group GROUP,[GROUP,...]
Toggle report of debug messages for various modules. Prefix the group with + to add to the default list, - to remove it. To show debuging from all groups, use _all. To get a list of groups, use the flag without an argument.
DEFAULT summary
e.g. -debug_group
e.g. -debug_group=+timer
e.g. -debug_group=-summary
e.g. -debug_group=+io,+png
e.g. -debug_group _all
If the image takes more than 30 seconds to generate, Circos will report timers for code components (group: timer). For reference, see the list of all debug groups. Groups with a + or - prefix require the use of = in the flag, otherwise they'll be interpreted as flags themselves.

-fakeerror GROUP,ERROR
Simulate error ERROR from error group GROUP.
e.g. -fakeerror
e.g. circos -fakeerror io

Diagnose required modules..
Success means that the module was found and successfully loaded.

Make all warnings fatal.
DEFAULT -paranoid
OPTION -noparanoid

Generate no runtime messages.

Report code timings.
Same as
> circos -debug_group=+timer

Report the version and quit.

Enable warnings.
DEFAULT -warnings
OPTION -nowarnings



-outputdir DIR
-dir DIR
Image output directory
e.g. -dir ..

-outputfile FILE
-file FILE
Output image filename. Can include a path. Extention (png, svg) will be automatically added.
DEFAULT circos
e.g. -file otherfile
e.g. -file ../otherfile
Extention .png or .svg will be added.

Create a PNG file.
OPTION -nopng

Create a SVG file.
OPTION -nosvg



Forces a rebuild of the color cache.
See etc/housekeeping.conf for color* parameters.

Forces the use of an existing color cache, even if colors have been redefined.
See etc/housekeeping.conf for color* parameters.

-randomcolor [COLOR1,COLOR2,...]
Generates an image in which all colors except for those listed are randomized.
e.g. -randomcolor white,black