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6 — 2D Data Tracks

7. Text—Stacking

In the previous example, I had drawn just a few labels. If labels are dense, they will be automatically stacked to avoid overlap. In other words, if a label's position results in overlap with another label, the label is drawn at the same angular position but is radially shifted out.

However, if snuggling is turned on label_snuggle=yes, the label's radial position may be slightly adjusted to reduce the number of layers of text.

Snuggling is heuristic—it is not based on any kind of global optimization.


label_snuggle             = yes

# shift label up to 2x its height in pixels in the angular direction
max_snuggle_distance            = 2r

# sample possible label positions every 2 pixels
snuggle_sampling                = 2

snuggle_tolerance               = 0.25r

snuggle_link_overlap_test      = yes 
snuggle_link_overlap_tolerance = 2p

snuggle_refine                 = yes


snuggling parameters

To help arrange the labels so that they occupy less space, use label snuggling. The max_snuggle_distance controls how far the label may be shifted, in the angular direction, to fit better. The distance limit is expressed in pixels or relative to the label's size along the tangential direction.

The label is tested at a new angular position every snuggle_sampling pixels, within the max_snuggle_distance of its original position. By increasing the snuggle_sampling value, the layout process runs faster, but is less precise.

You can also short-circuit precise placement by setting snuggle_tolerance (absolute or relative to label's tangential size). The larger this value, the less precise the placement.

If the labels have a link line, you choose to test whether link lines overlap with previous labels using snuggle_link_overlap_test. The extent of acceptable overlap is set using snuggle_link_overlap_tolerance.

The snuggle_refine parameter toggles an additional check for crossing of links of labels that are placed at similar radial positions. Label pairs whose link lines cross are swapped. This refine parameter is functionaly only if show_links=yes.

label padding

You can increase the max_snuggle_distance to make the label layout more compact. When snuggling, it can also be helpful to adjust padding, both angular (via padding) and radial (via rpadding) directions around the label. Both can be absolute or relative.

padding  = 2p
rpadding = 0.1r


By making padding negative, labels are more tightly spaced. When expressed in relative units (e.g. 0.1r), radial padding is relative to label width and angular padding is relative to label height.

Experiment with the max_snuggle_distance and padding parameters to find a good combination for your data. If you have a large number of labels (hundreds) then the track may take a while to optimize (several minutes).

uniformly placed text

If you want text to be placed uniformly don't use snuggling, which will move labels around.

For example, snuggling works best when label density varies. But if you're showing text that is defined at specific intervals (e.g. sequence), don't snuggle. You'll probably want to turn links off (this is the default) and use a monospaced font

label_font = mono

All font definitions are in etc/fonts.conf in the Circos distribution.

# etc/fonts.conf

mono           = fonts/modern/cmuntt.ttf  # CMUTypewriter-Regular
mono_light     = fonts/modern/cmunbtl.otf # CMUTypewriter-Light

# same as mono and mono_light
fixed          = fonts/modern/cmuntt.ttf  # CMUTypewriter-Regular
fixed_light    = fonts/modern/cmunbtl.otf # CMUTypewriter-Light

debugging text placement

Text placement can take while, especially if snuggling is turned on and you have many labels. Run Circos with -debug_group text to convince yourself that something is happening.

> circos ... -debug_group text
debuggroup text 6.45s label layer 2 snuggle seek - STX12 8.0 d 26 label_min_height 42 global_min_height 28
debuggroup text 6.45s label layer 2 snuggle seek + PPP1R8 0.0 d 14 label_min_height 42 global_min_height 28
debuggroup text 6.45s label layer 2 snuggle seek - PPP1R8 0.0 d 14 label_min_height 42 global_min_height 28

Text that does not fit into the track boundaries won't be placed. Run Circos with -debug_group textplace to monitor which labels are not placed.

> circos ... -debug_group textplace
debuggroup textplace 23.02s placed hs1 40858938 40903911 RIMS3
debuggroup textplace 23.02s placed hs1 29346951 29380948 SFRS4
debuggroup textplace 23.03s not_placed hs1 1466916 1500125 SSU72
debuggroup textplace 23.03s placed hs1 27972280 28023550 STX12
debuggroup textplace 23.03s placed hs1 40079314 40121764 TRIT1