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6 — 2D Data Tracks

6. Text Labels—Basic

The text label track associates a text string with a genomic span. The text is placed radially and, as for scatter plots, positioned with its center line at the middle of the span.

data format

Format of labels data files is analogous to other 2D data tracks

hs1 225817866 225910748 ZNF678
hs1 26560711 26571853 ZNF683
hs1 40769819 40786426 ZNF684 color=red
hs1 149521414 149531004 ZNF687

The fourth field is the text label, with optional format parameters specific to the label defined in the last field.

basic text track

The basic text track definition is shown below,


type             = text
color            = black
file             = data/6/text.genes.znf.txt

r0 = 0.4r
r1 = 0.8r

show_links     = yes
link_dims      = 4p,4p,8p,4p,4p
link_thickness = 2p
link_color     = red

label_size   = 24p
label_font   = condensed

padding  = 0p
rpadding = 0p



default track values

Like all tracks, text tracks have default parameter values defined in etc/tracks/text.conf.

label_font     = default
label_size     = 12
color          = black

r0             = 0.85r
r1             = 0.95r

show_links     = no
link_dims      = 2p,4p,8p,4p,2p
link_thickness = 1p
link_color     = red

padding        = 0p
rpadding       = 0p

label_snuggle             = no
max_snuggle_distance      = 1r
snuggle_sampling          = 1
snuggle_tolerance         = 0.25r

snuggle_refine                 = no
snuggle_link_overlap_test      = no
snuggle_link_overlap_tolerance = 2p

Some of these correspond to features covered in other text tutorials.

To undefine a default value set the corresponding parameter to undef. Undefining values makes sense for other tracks, but you shouldn't have to do this with text.

# undefine color, if you must
color = undef

To turn off all defaults altogether, undefine track_defaults

<<include etc/housekeeping.conf>>
track_defaults* = undef

or to remove defaults just for text tracks you can remove (or move) the file that contains the defaults.

label boundaries and missing labels

Labels are confined in the annulus of inner radius r0 and outer radius r1. If a label cannot be fit within this annulus, it is not drawn.

This will happen if you have a very narrow track definition and large labels.

r0         = 1.05r
r1         = 1.1r
label_size = 100p

To check whether labels are being placed, run Circos with -debug_group textplace. Lines that show not_placed indicates that labels did not fit.

> circos ... -debug_group textplace
debuggroup textplace 2.06s not_placed hs1 10000 20000 gene1
debuggroup textplace 2.06s not_placed hs1 30000 40000 gene2

To make labels fit, the easiest thing to do is make r1 larger. Here's where a combination of both relative and absolute position is useful.

r0         = 1.05r
r1         = 1.05r+300p 
label_size = 100p

tiling labels

Labels are drawn so that they do not overlap. If a label's position results in overlap with another label, the label is drawn at the same angular position but is radially shifted out. If snuggling is turned on, the label's radial position may be slightly adjusted to reduce the number of layers of text. This is covered in the next tutorial.

label callout lines

The link_dims parameter specifies the dimensions of the lines that link the label to its genomic position. Because labels may be shifted (snuggling, covered in next tutorial), these link lines are necessary. Each link line has five dimensions: outer padding, outer line length (drawn at new position), connecting line length (connects old to new position), inner line length (drawn at old position) and inner padding. If snuggling is not used, then distinction between line lengths is not made.

text orientation

At the moment, labels can only be oriented outwards — their link lines point into the circle and the labels are left-aligned at the track radius.

text rotation

You can choose to not rotate the labels by setting label_rotate=no (by default, the labels will be rotated to have their baseline oriented radially). The non-rotated option works best when labels are very short (e.g. one character).

label_rotate = no

labels on tick scale

By setting the label radius to r0 = 1r, labels are drawn at the position of ticks. Remember that a relative radius of 1r is at the outer ideogram radius.

r0 = 1r
r1 = 1r+200p
show_links     = yes
link_dims      = 0p,0,50p,0p,10p
link_thickness = 2p
link_color     = red

You need to adjust the link_dims so that the link line is long enough to move the label out of the region of the ticks. Circos does not check overlap between elements in the label track and scale ticks.