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Circos at the EMBO NGS workshop in Tunis, Sept 15–25.

Visualization of Time-Oriented Data

Circos appears in Visualization of Time-Oriented Data, part of the Human–Computer Interaction Series.

Aigner W, Miksch S, Schumann H et al. 2011 Visualization of Time-Oriented Data Springer-Verlag New York Inc

Circos Helps Universal Knowledge

Circos appears in Designing Universal Knowledge (buy at Amazon), a compilation of infographic methods by Gerlinde Schuller.

Circos Used in a David Cronenberg project about

In collaboration with Volumina, Circos was used to generate illustrations for Chromosomes exhibition, which toured in Rome, Turin and Lisbon.

Chromosomes is a David Cronenberg project which presents 70 images from his films, each accompanied by a text piece written by people from the world of art and science. I had the opportunity to contribute text to accompany the red bathtub photo.

The artbook is available for sale.

Little Fly, Thy Summer's Play...

In a collaboration with Derek Baccus from Pearson Science, Martin Krzywinski designed the cover illustration for the 3rd edition of iGenetics by Peter Russell.

The cover image shows a comparison of human and fruit fly genomes. The links indicate orthologous genes — genes in both genomes whose proteins are similar.

This cover won the cover award at 39th Annual 2009 Bookbuilders West Book Show.

Circos Takes a Train Ride

A Circos visualization is included as part of the Science Express project.

A public education effort lead by Max Planck institute, Science Express is a 13 car train, lavishly repurposed into a rolling interactive science exhibition. The purpose of the project is to raise and foster science awareness and education to the public.

A virtual tour is available. Exhibition was designed by Archimedes.

Oxford Biology Uses Circos for Book Cover

A Circos image designed by Martin Krzywinski appears on the cover of Building Bioformatics Solutions with Perl, R and MySQL by Conrad Bessant, Ian Shadforth, and Darren Oakley (Oxford Press).

One of the most exciting and diverse projects that used Circos is the David Cronenberg project Chromosomes which included illustrations and my own interpretation of the Red Tub.

Circos in Books

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